Sky Cinema has debuted a new trailer for the upcoming animation ‘Extinct’ featuring the voices of Rachel Bloom, Ken Jeong and Zazie Beetz.

Op and Ed are two adorable doughnut-shaped animals — FLUMMELS — who accidentally time travel from 1835 to modern-day Shanghai. There, they discover traffic, trans fats, and worst of all, that flummels are now extinct. It’s up to this bumbling pair to save themselves, save their species… and just maybe change the course of history.


Meet the Flummels

OP (Rachel Bloom) is an always-upbeat, leap-before-you-look flummel. She is a dreamer and a do-er, and is the driving force behind her and her brother’s adventures and, frequently, their problems.

ED (Adam Devine) is the brooding brakes on his sister’s antics. He desperately wants to fit in with the rest of the flummels in spite of being considered an oddball in their society. After all, can’t an oddball find love too?

ExtinctCLARANCE (Ken Jeong) is the sweetest, purest, white puff of a teacup puppy dog you’d ever want to hug…except that inside he is pure, dark evil.

DOTTIE (Zazie Beetz) is a dodo bird and the leader of a group of last surviving creatures called “The Extinctables.” Unlike the dodo bird’s reputation for being dumb, Dottie is very smart, and defensive if anyone suggests otherwise. She is used to being charge, and committed to making sure that she and her fellow Extinctables are never in harm’s way.

BURNIE is the last remaining Tasmanian Tiger. He believes every conspiracy theory,
including dozens he has made up. When not being paranoid, he enjoys magic and painting.

HOSS is a sweet and childlike Triceratops, with a puppy dog personality. Lovable and fun, he forgets his own size and is undaunted by danger. He would rather chase after his tennis ball than concern himself with life or death situations. He’s faithful to the end. He doesn’t just like you when he meets you – he LOVES you.

ALMA is a 10,000-year-old species of Meridiungulata (which translated means “hard to say in any language”). She is a hypochondriac who is constantly worried about herself and everyone around her – especially anyone who might endanger these already endangered species. Alma would never think of stepping outside her safe place without her arsenal of disinfectants, decongestants, and cough drop

Directed by David Silverman and co-directed by Raymond S. Persi, the voice cast includes Rachel Bloom, Adam Devine, Zazie Beetz and Ken Jeong.

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The animation hits Sky Cinema and NOW on August 20th. Here’s our exclusive look at the film’s trailer.


Siblings Op and Ed are flummels – cute, furry, donut-shaped animals who live on an island in the Galapagos in 1835. Ed, desperately wants to fit in with the community while Op constantly creates havoc, with his impulsive behaviour getting the two of them banished. Undeterred, Op leads Ed up the far side of the mountain to the forbidden zone, where they find, and plummet through, a mysterious time portal where they learn, to their horror, that flummels become extinct in 1835. Op and Ed must undertake a tumultuous time-hopping adventure in order to return to their own time and save their species.