Ever wondered how the clever people at Aardman are able to lip-sync the characters so perfectly with the animation? Well, wonder no more as we’ve been this exclusive production video log which focuses on Chris Stock who is responsible ‘track breakdown’ at the studio for their new movie, The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists.

If ever you think your job is laborious, Chris’ set a new standard as he is responsible for every single syllable that you hear when you’re watching the lip-sync in the movie. As you’ll see from the brilliant Vlog below, he has to analyse a waveform and let the animators know which letter or mouth movement the character will need to say for a specific phrase and all this is done in milliseconds.

Chris must have the patience of a saint to get this done but when you see the results, it’s simply fantastic! The one thing that must annoy poor Chris however, is when the movie is translated into the dozens of other languages for different regions around the globe, and then how that lip-sync doesn’t match! Oh well!

Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists is released 28th March and I think you’re going to love it! You can see all the rest of our Pirates! coverage by clicking here including my set visit report.