The British horror thriller Airborne is currently filming in the UK and HeyUGuys recently visited the set of the film which tells the story of a flight from London to New York that takes a nasty turn when several unexplained occurrences during the flight result in the passengers turning on one another.

The joint production between Press On Features and Black & Blue Films has assembled an impressive cast with Julian Glover, Alan Ford, Andrew Shim, Simon Phillips (interview here) and Gemma Atkinson (interview here) on board and when we were on set a few weeks ago we heard that there would be a big casting announcement made soon. Today our intrepid Editor Dave Sztypuljak returned to the set to meet the newest cast member, none other than Mark Hamill.

Though forever anchored in cinematic history to a role he made famous over thirty years ago Hamill has since forged a prolific voiceover career, most notably as The Joker in the animated Batman series, and returns to the big screen intermittently and Airborne is his latest venture.

Airborne’s director Dominic Burns spoke to Dave about working with the actor,

When you work with people you’ve looked up to your whole life it’s a very nerve-racking experience because they might destroy your hopes and dreams of what they may be like. Mark is the complete opposite of that, he is everything you want him to be, and more. He’s one of the nicest guys, an incredible actor, he’s passionate about what he’s doing. He’s everything you hope he would be. For me, it’s a genuine dream come true to work with him, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed working with him.

We’ll have Dave’s exclusive set report, including an interview with Hamill, up on HeyUGuys right here!.