A couple of weeks ago, Colin and myself headed down to the set of a brand new British movie which is currently filming in and around the London area, Airborne. I’ve written up a report of the set visit here. Yesterday I placed an interview with one of the cast, Gemma Atkinson who plays Harriett and today we get to speak with another of the cast as well as the Producer of the movie, Simon Phillips. Simon has previously played roles in the ‘Jack’ series which we have recently debuted DVD Cover art and images for.

I talk with Simon about the scale of the movie, working with a real life jumbo jet and how they amassed such an awesome cast. We  also touch on another role which he just finished filming for How to Stop Being a Loser (posters we debuted here) which was made by the same production team.

Airborne tells the story of a group of passengers who board a plane in London bound for New York. The plane is also carrying some dangerous cargo in the hold, unknown to the passengers. Throughout the flight, various strange and unexplained occurrences being to happen on-board which begin to send the passengers mad. Not knowing who to blame, they start to blame each other with fatal consequences.

It’s due out for release in November this year so keep your eyes peeled for much more on the movie until that time.