Julian Gilbey’s follow up to the tough 2007 film Rise of the Footsoldier played recently at Film 4’s FrightFest and A Lonely Place to Die is released in UK cinemas today.

We’ve had our eye on Gilbey’s film for well over a year now, and the tale of a group of climbers discovering a young girl held captive high in the Scottish mountains has had a few decent trailers to keep us occupied and recently Ben Mortimer had the chance to sit down with the flim’s leading actress Melissa George to talk over the trials of shooting such a physically demanding role and how Gilbey worked with his brother, co-writer Will Gilbey, on set.

Here’s the interview, should the mood take you the film is out in a cinema near you.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4aJISs2B1Y’]