I was sort of split going into my interview with Larry the Cable Guy (Daniel Lawrence Whitney) and Emily Mortimer.

My wife and I are huge fans of Emily’s work in such films as “Dear Frankie”, “City Island” and her hilariously brilliant stint on NBC’s “30 Rock”.  On the other end is comedian Larry the Cable Guy, who I only know because of his involvement in these Pixar films and that his catchphrase “get ‘er done” was quite popular for a time.

As actors they have very different bodies of work so I was extremely curious how they would interact with each other during the press questions.  In the film, Mater and Holley Shiftwell (Mortimer) spend most of their time on screen together trying to foil the bad guys.  However, most people are aware that voicing animated characters doesn’t allow a whole lot of face time between actors, so it seemed interesting that they would pair these two together during the junket.

What happened is exactly how I hoped my first junket would turn out.  They were extremely receptive to my questions and seemed to genuinely enjoy each other’s company.  Before the interview started they were joking and laughing with me regarding my lack of a UK accent considering I was covering the event for HeyUGuys.  It was interesting to find that Whitmer isn’t always in character.  I was fully expecting him to be Mater or Larry the Cable Guy, All in all I think this was the most fun I had at the event. The fact that they still had a sense of humor after three solid days of press put me at ease, and seemed like they put their actual chemistry to good use on screen and off.

Here’s the interview,