Josh Trank is the first guy to tell you that he invites comparisons of his newest film “Chronicle”.  While the film attempts, and succeeds,  to do something unique, Josh has stated that he pulled a lot from projects that inspire him. There are obvious similarities to films you’ve seen before but on a whole “Chronicle” comes at a perfect time in 2012 as we are about to be inundated with well-known properties we’ve already seen.  “Chronicle” is altogether a product of its environment and at the same time breathes new life into a predictable sub-genre of filmmaking.  It’s a little bit “Star Wars” meets “Jackass” with a smidgen of “Donnie Darko/Spider-Man” thrown in for good measure. I think that covers the gamut and proves there’s something in this film for everyone. Especially if you ever tried to move something with your mind. (DON’T LIE, YOU KNOW YOU’VE TRIED IT)

In this interview Josh and I talk about the future of filmmaking as it relates to the ever-growing, up and coming YouTube generation.  Also, the flying in the film is exquisite and I just had to hear how he conceptualized such a successful tool within the film.  I really admire Tranks first feature film and truly believe the sky is the limit for him.  Check out our exclusive interview with Writer/Director Josh Trank and then by yourself a damn ticket to the movie when it opens next week.

Chronicle opens in UK Cinemas today! See what we thought of it here (we loved it!).

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