The trailer for slick British Asian thriller  “7 Welcome to London” has just been released starring Asad Shan whose already a pretty well known media personality. As well as being a VJ for the popular Asian channel ZeeTV,  he is now adding more strings to his bow as writer, director and producer of his first feature length release.

The song promo is already a big hit but now we have the first dialogue promo which mixes Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge references, with some chases sequences and ends with a somber, blood soaked note.

We do cover quite a bit of Bollywood but this really a British movie set in London, and something we love to have more people discover and support!

Here is the synopsis from IMDB:

Twenty five year old Jai (Asad Shan) leads an impoverished life in Delhi with his humble Punjabi family who he constantly struggles to support. He migrates to London on a three month tourist visa to fulfill his dream and earn a decent living as an illegal immigrant, leaving his family burdened with a loan. London is his most beautiful dream. Soon he finds a best friend Goldie (Aliakbar Campwala) on a council estate and find love on the London underground in the form of Simran (Sabeeka Imam) who is ShahRukh Shan s biggest fan. One phone call changes his life and he becomes trapped in a dark and dangerous situation leading to an edgy, exciting, fast paced thriller where each man is on his own and its a jungle law.

And a snippet from the PR release:

Bafta and Oscar winning editor of Slumdog Millionaire, Chris Dickens, the creative producer of ‘7 welcome to London’, has seamlessly blended the Bollywood style with international techniques to give a contemporary look yet retaining the Desi edge.

‘7 Welcome to London’ is a breath taking, stylish and gripping thriller, which has been crafted in a gritty style that further accentuates the film’s edgy vision. The visually stunning film explodes onto the screen with multiple layers of depth, tone and mood to get your mind engaged like never before.

The slick fast paced trailer is set to show the good, bad, and ugly realities of an immigrant living in Britain and how he is compelled to take a drastic life threatening decision to help his family living in India. 

7 Welcome to London‘ a romantic thriller debuting  Asad Shan, Sabeeka Imam and  Tim Hibberd is releasing across the UK on 9th March 2012.