With the release of Olympus has Fallen sequel London has Fallen out this Thursday, we got to sit down with Morgan Freeman, Gerard Butler and Angela Bassett to chat about the movie.

We sent our roving reporter DaniElle Delaite to discuss how things have changed for the cast Vice President, the Secret Service agent and the Secret Service Director since Olympus 3 years ago.

Today we have the pleasure of hearing from legendary actor Morgan Freeman who talks about returning to the franchise his pleasure in the popularity of the first film. We then change tact somewhat as DaniElle created a game for Freeman called ‘The Freeman Code’ – a list of items that may or may not be acceptable if Morgan Freeman was to rule the world (after playing Mandela and God!). They are all rather amusing, especially the toilet seat discussion but we’ll let you watch to find out more!

London Has Fallen is set for release this Thursday, 3rd March.