We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Sons of Anarchy and Vikings star Donal Logue to discuss Gotham, the Batman prequel TV series focusing on Detective Jim Gordon years before Bruce Wayne dons the cape and cowl and becomes Batman. Logue plays Harvey Bullock, a fan-favourite character who at this point in time has yet to come around to the future Commissioner’s way of thinking in the corrupt GCPD.

The first two episodes of Gotham have already aired in the US and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive, with Logue and his take on Harvey singled out as a definite highlight in the series.

We’ll be bringing our full interview with the actor to you soon, but for now, here are a few highlights.

When asked whether he views Gotham as a possible redemption story for Harvey as time passes, Logue confirmed that future episodes will address the character’s past and how he lost his way over time. “I know for sure as we’ve actually gone through episodes like that. We’re in our eighth and ninth episode now filming and we actually get to see a glimpse into the past with Harvey which kind of explains how he got to where he is now. It’s a bit of an origin of the origin story, so those things are definitely addressed.”

A recent trailer for the rest of Gotham’s first season teased some more villains, and when we asked the actor which DC Comics characters he’s most looking forward to interacting with, he revealed that Harvey Dent – better known as Two-Face is on the way! “You know, for some reason, I was always really drawn towards Harvey Dent and it looks like Harvey’s coming into play now in Gotham, so that’s great. I’ve always loved Alfred, and actually Alfred and I have some stuff coming up together this week, so that’s really exciting.”

Harvey Dent was a District Attorney before becoming Two-Face, so it should be very interesting to see how he comes into play in Gotham, especially as some comics portray him around the same age as Bruce Wayne.

With a Batman movie on the way in the form of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, some fans have been wondering whether this series is a prequel to that and the chances of us seeing any of the actors from this series reprise their roles (something which could potentially be tricky due to the time gap between them).

When we asked if Donal if he would be interested in reprising the role of Harvey Bullock on the big screen if offered the chance, he said: “Oh, wow! You know, it would be interesting because to me there wouldn’t really be any distinction and that’s the fun thing about the job, you just get to break it down scene by scene day by day and that’s the best way to approach it. I hadn’t thought of that, but that would be awesome!”