We have another exclusive for all you Bollywood fans out there! An interview with Salman Khan, the star of the massively anticipated Bodyguard and one of the reigning king of the Hindi Box office for the last  few decades. Releasing at Eid in a theater near you (at least if live in London).

Salman Khan is easily the world’s most loved Khan (With Shahrukh being the top dog and Amir being the thinking man’s Khan). Last year, his Eid release “Dabangg” became the 2nd biggest grosser in the history of Bollywood. He followed that up with “Ready” in June this year which became the 4 highest grosser in the history of Bollywood.

Trade analysts have predicted that Bodyguard is also slated to get into the record books of top Bollywood grossers.

Salman Khan (45) is also immortalised in wax, at Madame Tussauds, London, due to popular demand for his stardom and famous physique. He shot to fame with the worldwide hit classic, Maine Pyar Kiya (1989) and is most sought after as an actor, a philanthropist and shows his softer side with his paintings. Salman’s co-star in Bodyguard, Kareena Kapoor (check out our podcast interview with her posted earlier by clicking here), is also due to make it to the hugely popular Madame Tussauds Bollywood collection.

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The following Interview is also posted on Upodcast in a slightly modified version. We had a podcast planned with Salman but he had to fly over to the US as he got diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, a very painful nerve disorder but he was gracious enough to answer our questions via email.


Sorry to hear about your ailment through the news. I hope you are well and that it doesn’t hurt too much? How were you able to cope with it through shooting?

Ya, did get unbearable at times… I had planned to get myself treated after the shoot, post productions and promotions for Bodyguard are completed. But now pain has become unbearable.

You have had a time honored equation with music over the years? Is that just luck or do you have a musical ear? Did you sit down with the music directors of Bodyguard and discuss what was needed?

Na I have been lucky… my music directors do a good job.

I have been lucky enough to have all the talented music directors composing music for the songs that I dance to on screen. I had given certain inputs in the song ‘Teri Meri’ but it was entirely Himesh’s creative efforts that the song a creating a buzz among people.

Desi beat has a slight tinge (maybe a sample) of “Kabooter Ja Ja” from Maine Pyar Kiya ( Salman Khan’s debut movie). Do you reminisce about some of your earlier roles? Do you rewatch any of your older movies?

All I can say Desi Beats is a big success in India and overseas. I do recall my roles at times as I did them because I liked the role but now I am always looking forward to do something new and exciting.

Did you bring any of those sensibilities from older movies to Bodyguard? Is there a Jaagruti -style jungle training scene?

Bodyguard is a very different film. I think it is an innocent love story. It is a good balance of emotions, romance action and drama. As far as action in the film is concerned the entire credit goes to Vijayan Master. He directed my wanted and dabbang and wanted to push limits with this one too.

What were the roles you think you nailed but maybe didn’t work with audiences as well? How do you deal with a movie when it doesn’t work?

Yes, film is to be approached with new enthusiasm and more motivation. If the film turns a blockbuster it’s great and if it doesn’t you have to move on. The number of people watching your film is directly proportional to how good the film is. The intension is always to make a good movie and positive responses definitely make me feel good.

Are there times whilst shooting that you know it’s not going well? And if so is there sometimes you pull back?

There are hardships everywhere. Facing the obstacles is the only way to overcome them. If things don’t go well at times you just have to work your way around it rather than pulling back.

You have been doing action movies since the start of your career but now since Wanted it had taken another level. What has changed in your mind?

Wanted has certainly added a lot to my performance and enhanced my connect with the viewers. But every role brings something new to me intensifies my ability to act.

Is it the effect of your TV presence that you have created a closer bond with your audience?

Television is definitely a vibrant medium and reaches to masses far and wide. It has been a platform to reach the audience who probably miss out on catching me on the larger screen.

From Baaghi to Veer and of course your much respected father (Salim Khan), writing has been a part of your life. You have taken on painting since a few years too. Do you feel that these are ways you communicate with your fans and audience or is it more of an internal process where you deal with your own thoughts?

Just as everyone develops certain interests at different points in their lives I am drawn towards painting. I am interested in painting as it is an art form that helps me to express myself.

What type of creative input did you have in Bodyguard as the production team is family?

My first responsibility is with my audience then it is to producer. Who is the producer is not important. Atul (Agnihotri, producer and Salman’s brother in law-ed) came with this script before the Malayalam bodyguard was made. And we had decided to make it  in Hindi whatever may be the faith of Malayalam.

You started the trend of South indian remakes with Tere Naam. What do you think needs to be adjusted or tweaked when remaking a South Indian movie to North Indian audiences?

I have loved the subjects of all the remakes I have done so far. Tere Naam and Wanted fetched quite good results this only indicates audiences liked the concept and the films at large. I believe it is entirely the film maker’s call. Bodyguard which is a remake of the Malayalam version had drastic changes in the characterization and these were Siddique’s efforts to bring the film in a fresh form to Bollywood’s audiences.

Are there any South Indian stars or movies you are particularly fond of?

Rajnikanth without a doubt…

Would you ever consider making a work-out dvd for all your fans that want to be buff like you?

Have not thought about it…

You can check if Bodyguard is playing in a theather near you, it is out on general release from the 31st.

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