A few hours separate us here in the UK from the end of the world according to Lars Von Trier so let’s greet the cataclysm with some rather lovely looking character banners and a new clip from the film, shall we?

The main players in this doomsday scenario are all present and correct, each facing the looming planet Melancholia in their own way. John Hurt is my favourite, welcoming the end of days with a weary smile and a drink in his hand. If you’re not seen anything of the film, which has been very well received on the festival circuit, then check out this recent trailer which gives a flavour of Von Trier’s film while promising a whole lot more.

Von Trier has gathered an impressive cast for the film including Kirsten Dunst?, Charlotte Gainsbourg?, Kiefer Sutherland?, Alexander Skarsgård, Charlotte Rampling? and the aforementioned Mr. Hurt?, and it’s good that the man gave himself a character banner which has the playful stamp in the top left corner declaring his status as an ‘Official Cannes 2011 Persona Non Grata”.

Lady Empire had the banners and Dame Digital Spy gave up the clip. Loud applause for both if you please.