Matthew-Fox-and-Eriko-Hatsune-in-EmperorHere’s the first trailer released for Emperor which sees Tommy Lee Jones and Matthew Fox appear as World War II officers following the surrender of the Japanese and are tasked with finding out what role the Emperor of Japan played in WWII. The trailer looks brilliant and has made it onto my mud see list for 2013. The synopsis gives us more of an insight into what we can expect. It’s directed by Peter Webber ( Hannibal Rising, Girl with a Pearl Earring) and was shot in both New Zealand and Japan.

Starring Matthew Fox (World War Z, I, Alex Cross, Lost) and Tommy Lee Jones (Lincoln, Men in Black 3), EMPEROR, inspired by true events, is an epic story of love and understanding set amidst the tensions and uncertainties of the days immediately following the Japanese surrender at the end of World War II. On the staff of General Douglas MacArthur (Jones), the de facto ruler of Japan as Supreme Commander of the occupying forces, a leading Japanese expert, General Bonner Fellers (Fox) is charged with reaching a decision of historical importance: should Emperor Hirohito be tried and hanged as a war criminal? From director Peter Webber (Girl with a Pearl Earring), EMPEROR is produced by Yoko Narahashi (The Last Samurai), Gary Foster (Ghost Rider, Daredevil, The Soloist), Eugene Nomura (Tajomaru, Surely Some Day) and Russ Krasnoff (The Soloist).

Emperor also stars Kaori Momoi, Toshiyuki Nishida, Aaron Jackson and we can expect to see it later on this year.

Source: Yahoo