Centering your story around a stage-weary magician who targets a celebrated medium intent on disproving her acclaimed skills as a psychic seems like a ripe idea. Notions of belief and denial, fraud and fragility can all come into play, and as this is a Woody Allen they most certainly will. Casting Colin Firth and Emma as respective magician and medium gives an idea of where Magic in the Moonlight is heading.

Warner Bros. have released a new trailer for Allen’s latest film, which seems to set him back on the solid ground of mercurial whimsy so enjoyed by the Midnight in Paris set of a couple of years ago. His last, Blue Jasmine, conjured up the same ravings (return to form, later serious film etc) but did get an Oscar-shaped commendation for Cate Blanchett. This looks to be far lighter in tone, but that’s no bad thing at all.

Here’s the trailer, the film is out on the 19th of September. Spellbinding ahoy!