The cast for Rob Marshall’s Mary Poppins sequel is growing, and a familiar character is returning.

According to Yahoo, Emily Mortimer will play the grown up Jane Banks alongside Ben Whishaw as her brother Michael. The pair are reunited much later in life when a tragedy strikes Michael’s family, and you can bet that Poppins isn’t too close behind Jane.

Meryl Streep recently joined the cast, rumoured to be a relative of Mary Poppins, and the big draw here for many is Lin-Manuel Miranda, whose streetlighter character mirrors that of Dick Van Dyke’s mockney chimney sweep Bert from the 1963 film.

Mortimer recently lead in Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom and was an undoubted star of that show. Disney’s plundering of their back catalogue is a cottage industry these days, but the cast they’ve got for this new Poppins film shows they’re making the most of what they’ve got.