Call Jane

As Hilary Clinton recently tweeted, Call Jane is a remarkably timely production, and strikingly so – released in the same year as Roe v Wade has been overturned. But when we had the pleasure of sitting down and speaking to director Phyllis Nagy alongside her leading lady Elizabeth Banks, the theme of the chat was very much that the story being presented in this film has been timely for quite some time.

We also talk about the touring of the film, which has been screened in a fair few places across the year, while Banks talks about the roles she takes on, and her ability to balance entertainment with her political stance. Finally Nagy also comments on directing a film from somebody else’s screenplay, and how that differs to when she writers for fellow directors (she penned the beautiful Carol, FYI).

Watch the full interview with Elizabeth Banks and Phyllis Nagy here:


Set in the late 1960s a pregnant housewife finds out she had a potentially life threatening illness whilst pregnant and the only treatment is to have an abortion. Declined by the hospital board of directors, she sets out to find an alternative to hospital treatment. Upon finding a group who offer services to facilitate illegal abortions she then gets more involved in the service, ‘Call Jane’.

Call Jane is out in cinemas on November 4th