February seems to be romantic comedy season all around so how can Bollywood escape the trend packing up to 5-6 releases, with the first to kick off  Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu starring the ever- radiant Kareena Kapoor and Bollywood’s blue-eyed man boy Imran Khan.

Set in Vegas but the Dharma made it clear that it shares no similarity with the Ashton Kutcher- Cameron Diaz comedy ” What’s Happens in Vegas” and truth be told we can agree that there really is no similarity except for the fact that the protagonist get married in Vegas (But then again didn’t even Homer Simpson?)

Check out our Upodcast review below with this episode’s special guest Honey Singh from the massively popular gossip and Bollywood website TheDailyHoney.com and the Youtube phenomenon TheSticky.


Hope you enjoy it (although to be honest we had some audio issues so apologies for that)

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