Illuminati Films is going all out to ensure Agent Vinod, the forthcoming and long in the making spy thriller starring (real life couple) Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor is a massive success!

After the first trailer took us all by surprise as delayed productions in Bollywood usually tend to feel a bit stale especially since we saw Saif kick some ass since a very long time (Going through my mental Hindi IMDB, I can’t even recall him doing an all out action role in a solo starrer). Some people weren’t feeling The Mujra-style second teaser that was released, which I honestly didn’t mind as much, but pretty sure we can all agree that this is the type of movie we wanted Don 2 to be.

Together with this trailer there is word of a Comic Book Tie up with a Fast Food Giant, a video game on the PS3 (which seems to be the latest in marketing gimmicks in Bollywood or a legacy of Ra.One) and even a potential assault and battery charge for the star.

But with a trailer like this, who needs all those distractions?

And if Agent Vinod works, there is even talk of building this up as a franchise, hurrah!


Agent Vinod releases 23.03.12