It’s fair to say that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker was the highlight of Marvel’s Captain America Civil War. The young actor’s take on the famous webslinger was a breath of fresh air (as was his almost matter of fact introduction and jettisoning of the oft-told origin), and now he’s on our radar in a big way.

His new film sees Holland as one of two brothers, lost with their father in the middle of nowhere. With family tensions rising and a host of dangerous situations upon them Edge of Winter looks like a fierce tale of survival.

The official synopsis does a good job of setting the scene, as does the trailer below. Though it does throw up a few questions about keeping some of the beats glimpsed for the actual film itself.  Back when trailers were only seen in the cinemas and there was no frame by frame replay you can imagine these spoil-all trailers would have played a little better.

Anyhoo – enjoy!

When two brothers are stranded by a brutal winter storm with an unpredictable father they barely know, the boys begin to suspect their supposed protector may be their biggest threat.

Edge of Winter Trailer

As a bonus we’ve got the full short Our Neck of the Woods from 2009, which gave Rob Connolly his first festival appearance when it played at Sundance.