Following the news that 80’s comedy megastar Eddie Murphy will be the host of next year’s Academy Awards (an odd choice indeed, considering his less-than-gracious exit from the 2007 show when he failed to pick up the Best Supporting statuette) Paramount has announced that his long-delayed 2009 feature, A Thousand Words, will be released in March. Coincidence?

The film’s premise actually sounds very intriguing (Murphy playing a guy who learns he only has 1000 words to speak before he dies) but the director is one Brian Robbins, the filmmaker behind recent Murphy “classics” Norbit and Meet Dave (is the actor aware that he doesn’t necessarily have to work with the same director almost three times in a row!) so it safe to say that collective breaths don’t need to be held.

Still, with a starring role in the upcoming action comedy ensemble Tower Heist (in which he’ll appear alongside such talents as Ben Stiller, Casey Affleck and Matthew Broderick) maybe Murphy will be able to put behind the last few years of poor box office and stage another Nutty Professor-esque come-back.

If not, expect to hear Beverly Hills Cop 4 rumours surfacing sometime around the beginning of March.

Via The Playlist.