As I start my review I have to remind myself that I am a big Twilight fan, perhaps not going so far as to call myself a Twihard, but I did really enjoy the Twilight Saga. After watching Twilight which I really loved, perhaps a 7/10, I was looking forward to seeing New Moon. I was excited to go to the cinema and see it, and am sad to say I was disappointed. I decided to give it a second watch (New Moon, out on DVD 22nd March 2010) but was incredibly bored.

Twilight: New Moon stars Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Michael Sheen, Dakota Fanning and is directed by Chris Weitz.

New Moon revolves around the self-absorbed Bella, whose character is in love with Edward, the whispering Vampire. It starts very slowly, and I’m afraid to say the pace doesn’t really improve throughout. I was really disappointed with the film overall, but have done my best to try and find some redeeming points. The film is set in Forks, a wet and cold town in North Western America. The contrast between this and the set used for the Volturi in Italy is stark. The costume and set design here are fantastic, and the drama increases as Bella and Edward have to interact with some more dynamic characters such as Aro (played by Michael Sheen), and Jane (Dakota Fanning). These two are excellent in the film, sparsely seen unfortunately, but their acting is superb. Sheen is exactly as I would have imagined in the book, down to  facial expressions and use of voice. The same cannot be said of Robert Pattinson, who is not as alluring as he is as Edward in Twilight, he actually comes across as quite serious and dull.

An interesting contrast between the intense and ridiculously serious relationship between Edward and Bella, is that between Jacob and Bella. New Moon is all about the drama of Edward leaving Bella as he fears for her safety all the while she is around him, and Bella almost dying of pain because she can no longer be with her beloved. Jacob provides some interesting relief in this movie, he is an attractive young guy, who happens to grow into his role as part of the local werewolf clan during the film, but also (sadly for him!) happens to be in love with Bella. They grow closer as he tries to help her get over the ‘pale-faced’ one, and you see him grow more mature.

There are some good scenes in the film, from the Cullen house where clumsy Bella cuts herself to the transformation of Jacob into a werewolf to the cool yellow Porsche and the Volturi fighting scenes near the end of the film.

Overall I would give this film a 3/10 which is extremely disappointing. Not much happens in the film and you get to the point where you wish Bella would just disappear because she is so boring, selfish and childish. The DVD offers some interest in the Extras, there are some deleted scenes, interviews with the main cast, Behind the scenes and a sneak peak at Twilight Eclipse which actually looks interesting.

Twilight: New Moon is released on DVD and Blu Ray today.