Incredible news coming from regarding the upcoming sequel Transformers 3: The further ruin of our childhood memories.

Michael Bay has amazingly announced they have “Locked in” the acting talents of Frances McDormand and John Malkovich to appear in the third film of the Transformers franchise. It’s surprising news to say the least and quite a boost to the critically mauled films.

Coen Brother stars Malkovich and McDormand are in unnamed roles and certainly the biggest talents the series has managed to get on board, but if seeing John Turturro go from the iconic Jesus Quintana in The Big Lebowski to the terribly annoying and unfunny Agent Simmons is anything to go by then Malkovich and McDormand could be in for a rough ride. Malkovich especially seems to be desperately seeking a franchise after reportably being cast in Spiderman 4 before it was chopped so it will be interesting to see what’s in store for him, A villain hopefully.

The duo are joined by Ken Jeong who played Mr.Chow (the naked china man) from the Hangover who will no doubt add some more stereotypical racial comic shenanigans that dominated Revenge of the Fallen. Hopefully Bay will have learned some vital lessons from the last film in particular and give us a film the fans can really enjoy and something visually decipherable.

Further news released on was the news of a new Autobot based on the Ferrari 458 Italia which is a gorgeous looking car and lovely addition to the Autobot gang, hopefully replacing Skids and Mudflap!

This news has definitely got me interested in the sequel, surely it can’t be any worse.