The final big release 2011 will be King Khan’s Don2, which is a sequel to the remake of the 1978 Amitabh Bachchan starrer, and although a pretty big hit when it came out in 2006, in my opinion the original was “still streets ahead” (Save Community People!).  With a leggy Priyanka Chopra holding a shiny gun and Shahrukh Khan wearing a tuxedo’ed growl, the King is most definitely back

Now unlike most film nerds, I quite look forward to remakes, sequels, reboots and re-imaginations. For my money they could remake E.T., if you don’t want to watch it, you can always stick to the original but I know that is probably not the most popular of opinions. The problems I had with the Don remake was that it still had too much of an early 2000 Matrix hangover (lots of leather) and their need to go dark and gritty changed the soul of the movie with a pretty annoying yet completely predictable.

On top of that the marketing overkill destroyed one of my favourite films of all time that released at the same day and is a vastly superior movie (Jaan E Mann, check it out!).

Here is the Trailer with English subtitles!

I have to admit that watching the trailer made me all gitty about Don 2 and here are some of the reasons.

I really like ShahRukh Khan and even though he is probably still reeling back from the box office of Ra.One, which maybe didn’t set the benchmark he was hoping for but was pretty enjoyable. I also like seeing him take on grey shaded roles from his early days and the Don franchise seems to be only chance he seems to get at this point in his career.

Second reason is the scale of the movie, this time they are truly going global shooting in a ton of countries and if Excel can add some of the slickness they added to Game, their release from earlier this year, then I am totally psyched.

Third reasons, what can I say, I am sucker for 3D, it’s probably not going to be great (I still expect next year’s Shrish Kunder Directed Joker to be the best 3 D movie coming from Bollywood- Call it Asim’s Filmi Prediction) but I just want to see some 3D dancing, a niche the US counterparts haven’t given us yet.

Fourth Reasons, Farhan Akstar is back in the director’s seat. The man can honestly do no wrong in my book if it’s acting, poetry, production or direction. Not everything may send him to the bank but I appreciate the effort he puts in.

In any case the movie is releasing Wednesday 21st December 2011 in theaters worldwide

Here is the Press Release:

Seeing 2011 out with a bang, the most cutting edge Indian film of all time raises the bar higher than ever before as Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan, reclaims his elusive avatar in DON 2’, releasing in cinemas worldwide on 21st December 2011by Reliance Entertainment.The buzz continues to build across international territories in anticipation of ‘DON 2’, Indian cinema’s most awaited sequel, which is set to dominate box offices globally.

DON 2’ combines two of the biggest new cinema trends in Indian cinema – 3D visual effects to bring audiences closer to the action; and the rise in Bollywood hit film sequels. Audiences will be gripped by the most cutting edge stunt sequences in Bollywood, as they jump out of cinema screens in spectacular 3D and 2D experiences!

Farhan Akhtar sets a whole new benchmark in Indian filmmaking, combining, state-of-the art technology, high tech action sequences and the most gripping and stylish narrative to steal out of Indian cinema in recent years. Teasing audiences with a taste of what is to come and building on the suspense and expectations among cinemagoers the world over, this month celebrates the launch of its new film poster, song promo by music trio Shankar Ehsan Loyand trailer. Fans of Shahrukh Khan are already spellbound by the megastar’s menacing new look in the film.

The film also stars Priyanka Chopra and Boman Irani who return to their earlier roles as ‘Roma’ and ‘Vardhaan’ respectively, and Om Puri, Lara Dutta and Kunal Kapoor who enter the sequel in new roles to add further twists and layers to the intelligently calculated plotline.

And with iconic dialogues like “Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai having set a worldwide craze among audiences, director Farhan Akhtar launched an innovative marketing stunt to continue spreading the hypnotic charms of ‘Don’ worldwide with a series of 11 witty, tongue-in-cheek quotes by the Don himself. Each week he will take some don-ism to audiences, continuing to draw them into the forthcoming release of the most anticipated Indian film sequel ever!