As you will more than likely already know, it’s rare for footage shown at Comic-Con to find its way online (legally that is). However, that usually only applies to the movies, and we’re expecting new trailers for everything from Arrow to The Walking Dead as the event gets going over the next few days in San Diego.

Today though, we have the first trailers for beloved BBC dramas Doctor Who and Sherlock. Each of them held packed out Hall H panels, and some very interesting new details were revealed in the process.

It was confirmed for example that Doctor Who is set to return on September 19th, and if you pay close attention to the trailer, you may notice the much talked about appearance from Maisie Williams.

Sherlock meanwhile – which is going to take place in Victorian England as a standalone special before series four debuts in 2016 – will also premiere in select cinemas, but further details about that aren’t expected to be revealed until nearer the time the Christmas episode is set to air. The BBC found great success when they did that for Doctor Who’s anniversary episode, and demand for Sherlock is just as huge.