Deadline reports that Ben Affleck has teamed up with critically acclaimed DC Comics writer Geoff Johns to co-write a solo Batman movie which he will also direct and (obviously) reprise the role of the Dark Knight in.

While Johns may not be a familiar name to non-comic book fans, he worked on everything from The Avengers to Batman: Earth One, Justice League, and Green Lantern. He’s also written some of the best episodes of shows like Arrow, The Flash, and Smallville, so he’s got all the right attributes for this job!

The site goes on to reveal that Affleck will direct and star in this Batman movie once he’s finished working on Live By Night, an adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s novel which it was confirmed he will helm today.

Affleck and Johns are said to have “more than found their rhythm” and will turn in the script by the Fall.

Plot details are scarce, but it’s said that the movie would take place after the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, so don’t expect yet another origin story! No release date is mentioned, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see Warner Bros. give Batman one of the slots held by the other DC Comics adaptations which aren’t currently as far along in development. Expect more details on this on Saturday…