Doctor Who. Love it or hate it, it’s a massive part of British culture. There can’t really a person in England who doesn’t know the terms TARDIS, Dalek, or Sonic Screwdriver.

As the Doctor and Ace walked into the sunset in 1989’s Survival, little did anyone know that the series was soon to be cancelled, possibly gone forever.

Luckily, in 2005, much loved writer Russell T Davies revived the show for the 21st century. This separated Who into two categories – Classic Who, and NuWho.

So, to count down to the Christmas special, here is my review of each NuWho Doctor’s best episodes.

Christopher Eccleston (2005)Best Episode: Dalek – By Robert Sherman

This fantastic episode revived The Daleks, not seen on screen for seventeen years. Big Finish writer Robert Sherman wrote this fantastic tale explaining the Time War and how The Time Lords and The Daleks were both destroyed, leaving The Doctor the only survivor. But when The Doctor’s new companion Rose touches the Dalek, it regenerates, getting stronger and stronger to take on the base that it’s trapped in.

We saw the Dalek fly up some stairs, and many people brutally killed. And for the first time in the series, the Doctor seems afraid.

The Ninth Doctor is at his gritty best in this episode. He’s funny, charming, but he’s also tough as old boots. He swaggers into that laboratory like nobody’s business, and takes on the Dalek like never before. But he is also kind, and scared, and almost sensitive. This episode was absolutely fantastic, and so was he.

David Tennant (2005-2010)Best Episode: School Reunion – By Toby Whitehouse

In this episode, old-school companion Sarah Jane and robot dog K9 are reunited with The Doctor, as the gang take on a band of Krillitanes (Bat-people) in a local comprehensive. This emotional episode connects NuWho with Classic Who, and not only is it a lot of fun, but it’s also quite sad, as Sarah Jane Smith realises that The Doctor has moved on since she left him.

The Doctor’s companion is Rose now, and Sarah Jane feels replaced. The Tenth Doctor is at his most human in this episode, as Mr Finch tempts him with having the power of a god, and that he could save The Time Lords with the power of the Skasis Paradigm. He’s funny too, and somewhat teasing towards Mickey screaming like a little girl at the sight of rats, so that earns more Doctor-points.

Matt Smith (2010-2013)Best Episode: Vincent And The Doctor – By Richard Curtis

Richard Curtis takes us back in time to meet artist Vincent Van Gogh. The episode explores his tormented mind and challenged talents, and gives us an insight to what the life of an artist with no recognition must have been like.

Matt Smith is fabulous in this episode, telling Van Gogh how important he is, and in the end showing him how much recognition he has in the future by taking him to an art exhibition dedicated to his work. The writing and acting are amazing, and it really shows what a powerful show Doctor Who can be in the hands of the right writer.

Peter Capaldi (2013-Present)Best Episode: Heaven Sent – By Steven Moffat

Heaven Sent is one of the greatest Doctor Who stories ever made. It features The Doctor alone, stuck in a castle, being tortured until he confesses the secret of The Hybrid.

Peter Capaldi’s acting is five star, and it really shows how amazing he is as The Doctor. Maybe one of the darkest Doctors we’ve ever had, this episode shows the audience The Twelfth Doctor’s true potential. It explores The Doctor’s torment at losing his companion, Clara, and gives us perhaps the best cliffhanger in the history of NuWho, as The Doctor finally returns to his home planet, Gallifrey, declaring ‘The Hybrid is me’.

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