Here’s news of an interesting project which has been picked up by producer Bob Weinstein’s genre wing Dimension Films, and has received a helping hand from a master of the trade.

The film is entitled The Home and it tells the story of a firefighter injuring in the line of duty and convalescing in a rest home, who soon realises that something evil is lurking within the place, and is responsible for attacks on the elderly residents. Sounds like a sinister cross between Cocoon and The Amityville Horror!

The film has an impressive pedigree of talent behind it. The cast is made of a number of industry character actor veterans including Brian Cox, Cloris Leachman, Louise Fletcher, Louis Gossett Jr. and Ed Asner, and the script has been co-written by director Kristoffer Aaron Morgan and none other than Ain’t It Cool’s Quint, aka Eric Vespe (a promising piece of news for those film bloggers out there with scriptwriting aspirations).

Elijah Wood is one of the producers onboard and it looks as if he’s had a friendly word with his Middle Earth colleague Elijah Wood, who appears to have taken on a godfather-type role on the production. He recorded a video in the hope of raising initial funds, provided notes on the script (some of which were incorporated in the final draft) and it’s his company WETA who created the concept art below, which does a fantastic job of conjuring up an incredibly creepy and unsettling impression of the film.

News courtesy of /Film.