The supernatural is back. After taking a break while torture-porn pulled teeth, last year’s underperformance of Saw VI and box-office triumph of Paranormal Activity heralded a return to the humble haunted house. With this year’s The Last Exorcism and Paranormal Activity 2 pitting ordinary families against supernatural forces, the scene is set for 2011.

Having already put one unsuspecting family to the test in Wes Craven remake Last House on the Left, Dennis Iliadis is in negotiations to direct Silver Pictures’ new film The Demonologists. While Last House subjected familial normality to rape and murder, The Demonologists will pit a family of veteran ghost hunters against a vengeful demonic infestation – driving yet another decent household to violent acts.

Iliadis will join Ghost Whisperer alumni Teddy Tenenbaum on the project, which will follow Anthony Hopkins’ exorcism movie The Rite into cinemas next year.

The Demonologists looks to either forfeit or delay Iliadis’ consideration for the remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.