There’s another update on the new adaptation of Logan’s Run, which has gone through several creative iterations in the past few years but now has a new screenwriter to hopefully get things moving again.

Directors Bryan Singer and John McTeigue kicked the project around for a while and Alex Garland wrote a script for the film, which goes back beyond the Michael York/Jenny Agutter rendition of 1976 straight to the source and the William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson novel. Garland’s script was at one time to put directed by Carl Erik Rinsch, whose futuristic short ‘The Gift’ bode extremely well for the future utopia of Runners and Sandmen. Sadly this was not to be and yet there was another twist in the long gestating tale as Nicolas Winding Refn was announced as the man to direct the film, with his Drive actor and all round man of the moment, Ryan Gosling, set to lead.

THR offer up this update and it’ll be interesting to see how Andrew Baldwin will affect production, but there’s much to be made of the future society in which people are not permitted to live beyond 21. The Andrew Niccol film In Time has a similar premise but the success of Drive gives this new film a great momentum, and the hiring of Baldwin, whose scripts have been on the Black List, and are currently in production, will hopefully speed things up. It’s not known if the script from Garland, or the subsequent treatment submitted by Gangster Squad’s Will Beall, will be polished or thrown out in favour or a new take. Whatever the case I hope they hurry things up a little.

Here’s the aforementioned short by Carl Erik Rinsch, which was directed for Ridley Scott Associates’ Parallel Lines competition. Any excuse to post this is very welcome.

Carl Erik Rinsch’s The Gift from microCHANNEL on Vimeo.