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In 2010, Adam Sandler got loads of his mates together to create a film called Grown Ups which did very well at the box office and was very well received by his fans. It stands to reason then that they’d come back for a second movie especially when it gives him a chance to bring back all his real-life friends to make the film.

Grown Ups 2 hits UK cinemas on the 27th August and we got to chat with many of the cast and filmmakers at the Summer of Sony event in Cancun earlier in the year. Over the next few days, we’ll hear from Director Dennis Dugan and cast members Salma Hayek, Adam Sandler, Kevin James and David Spade. Above all, they talk about how much of a joy it was to make these movies, what it is about working with Adam Sandler (who also produces these films with Happy Madison) that is so wonderful and why it was they decided to come back to make a sequel to Grown Ups which turns out is Adam Sandler’s first ever sequel.

In this interview with Director Dennis Dugan, we get to hear why he loves working with Adam so much, how they needed to change the dynamic of this film bringing in younger cast members like Taylor Lautner and what it was like shooting the fight sequence towards the end of the movie. He also confirms his next project Directing Garry Marshall’s next movie, Mother’s Day which continues on the Valentine’s Day / New Year’s Eve trilogy.

Tomorrow we’ll have our interview with Salma going live then on Wednesday it’s the turn of Sandler and Co so keep your eyes peeled for those.