Demons Never Die ( HeyUGuys team were lucky enough to spend Thursday evening in the deepest, darkest bowels of the Soho Hotel to grab a first viewing of the official trailer for Brit horror Demons Never Die.

Produced by Idris Elba, in his new career role as movie big cheese, the flick is written and directed by Arjun Rose, popping his movie cherry with what he describes as “a UK slasher first and foremost”.  Something that we’d wholeheartedly agree with.  Starring Rob Sheehan (Misfits), Ashley Walters (Anuvahood), Jack Doolan (Cemetary Junction) and a wealth of young British talent, the film cuts another notch in to the blood spattered bedposts of the teen-slasher genre.

The trailer teased at a dry, tongue-in-cheek approach but really failed to actually set the pulses racing.   Seeimingly predictable and unoriginal, Demons Never Die could well pass the world by without so much as a nod of acknowledgement.  That is unless they release the brilliant intro as a teaser instead.  After the trailer was premiered, we were treated to the intro of the movie that introduces each character with style, comedy and impressive film-making.  Set in a classroom of a college, the camera pans from character to character as they mess around; with a scene stealing Rob Sheehan as the shy, intriguing lead, DJ Reggie Yates and Ashley Walters as cock-sure, leering teachers; and Hollyoaks’ Emma Rigby as the pretty blonde eye candy.

It’s a clip that left this film lover a hell of a lot more intrigued than the tediously thrown together trailer and one that could well prove integral to the PR of this slasher-flick’s success.

Demons Never Dies is in UK cinemas on the 28th October and stars Rob Sheeran, Ashley Walters, Tulisa Contostavlos, Jason Maza, Reggie Yates, Jack Doolan, Emma Rigby and Femi Oyeniran.