class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-5737″ title=”hobbit” src=”” alt=”” width=”220″ height=”141″ />More Hobbit news for those keeping track of this quagmired film.

Since Guillermo del Toro had to step away from the protracted production names of potential successors have been spinning around the ether and sooner or later you’ll see every eligible director see their name linked to the movie before long. The vacant director’s chair also leaves the situation open to fans to place their own favourite in the top spot, imagining what take they will have on the classic tale.

Whomever Peter Jackson and the studio end up picking, they will have to step firmly into a job which has been overseen thus far by the solid team of Jackson and his cohorts and del Toro himself, so the directing gig may well be a relatively superfluous one. What they need is someone who can take an established creative team, along with a CG heavy vision and shepherd it to the screen. So, the name which has been thrust to the fore today, that of Harry Potter’s David Yates, seems to fit very well.

This is a rumour, from all over the internet, Production Weekly have the news and there’s much ado on the internets right now, and the first name out of the pointy hat may not accept the job, even if he has been offered it. On a recent Mouth Off podcast Brendon Connelly espoused the merits of Fran Walsh, citing  her second unit direction on the Lord of the Rings trilogy as some of the best in the films as another potential. You will probably have your own favourite.

Who knows who will be chosen?  Yates has the credentials, and his work on Potter will keep him busy until 2011 at least, so there’s plenty of time for the money machine behind The Hobbit to get started again.