The┬áCounsellor is one of our must-see movies of 2013 and we know an awful lot of you are looking forward to it too. We’re big fans of this type of movie marketing where the filmmakers look at different ways to promote their product and these short-films fit perfectly into that box.

Director Sir Ridley Scott has created these unique back-stories which sit outside of the main movie but give us an insight into just who the characters of Michael Fassbender, Cameron Diaz and Javier Bardem actually are. In these two short-films, we get to see a little from each of these main characters as Diaz and Bardem meet at a gas station and Michael Fassbender buys lingerie from Natalie Dormer.

The Counsellor is released in UK cinemas 15th November and you can see all our coverage of the movie here including interviews from the Premiere.