Turns out my post earlier today that came from meer speculation was spot on. Because of the giant ash cloud that is covering most of Europe, grounding all air travel, Paramount / Marvel have decided to move the World Premiere of Iron Man 2 to LA as the stars can’t get here!

We’ve just received this press release confirming that the World Premiere of the Jon Favreau directed movie, Iron Man 2 is now going to be held in LA. It was originally going to be held in Vue Westfield in London.

Here’s what we have:

Date: Monday, April 19th, 2010


Due to the continuing air travel uncertainty, Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment have taken the decision to move the IRON MAN 2 World Premiere and junket to Los Angeles.

A press release will be in issued in due course advising details of this event and confirming talent attendance.

Advanced discussions are in progress about  a special screening at the Vue Westfield, the original venue for the World Premiere on 26th April.

We were supposed to be attending the premiere and junket so it’s all a bit pants. Oh well. Enjoy it LA! Booooooo to all erupting volcanoes everywhere!!