Luc Besson clearly has a thing for girls and guns with Zoe Saldana becoming the latest to sign up in Colombiana, a revenge thriller with all the hallmarks of Besson’s best work.

Sony Pictures have released a trailer for Olivier Megaton’s latest film and it’s not a subtle two and a half minutes, instead we get a nicely rhythmic succession of cute quips and blazing guns with the sadly obligatory Saldana underwear shot all very much in the vein of Taken and the Transporter films.

There’s nothing about this trailer to suggest it’ll break moulds but Megaton seems to know how to handle the action cliches with a decent eye and Saldana is one of the fastest rising stars in the business and Colombiana is the biggest leading role she’s had.

It wont surprise you – imagine a Luc Besson produced female assassin revenge film starring Zoe Saldana and you’ll have saved yourself a couple of minutes, but for curious action fans here’s a one line synopsis first, then the trailer. Ready?

After witnessing her parents being murdered by the mob, 10-year-old Cataleya sets off on a 15-year journey for revenge that takes her across the world.





Here’s the trailer,


Yahoo shot this one into the internetosphere.