There had been rumours, but a big screen remake of Renny Harlin’s 1993 movie (which starred Sylvester Stallone) is now moving ahead at StudioCanal with Neal Moritz set to produce.

After meeting with a number of screenwriters who pitched their take on a new interpretation, it was relative unknown Joe Gazzam who was picked to write the screenplay.

Sony will likely distribute the movie, despite the fact that they have a far more interesting sounding mountain climbing project already in the works. Everest will be directed by Doug Liman, with Tom Hardy attached to play Sir Edward Mallory, the British mountaineer who tried to be first to summit the world’s highest mountain.

That’s not the only movie called Everest in the works, with Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, Robin Wright, Jason Clarke and John Hawkes all starring in the Baltasar Kormakur helmed film about a disastrous attempt to summit the mountain in 1996 when the climbers were hit by a blizzard. Do we really need Cliffhanger?

The key difference is that the original Cliffhanger revolved around a traumatized mountain climber forced back into an expedition after a plane crash leaves a lot of stolen cash and bad guys strewn on the Rocky Mountains. That thriller aspect should differentiate the remake from the movies mentioned above.

Gazzam is no stranger to thrillers as he recently penned Shadow Run, a script which Sony bought as a spec several months ago and is fast tracking the project and looking for a director.

Are you guys looking forward to a Cliffhanger remake?

Source: Deadline