A Million Ways to Die in the West - Charlize Theron

A Million Ways to Die in the West hits UK cinemas today and if you’ve not seen our review of Seth Seth MacFarlane‘s latest, click this way and our interview with Amanda Seyfried is here. James Kleinmann got to sit down with Seyfried’s co-star Charlize Theron to discuss her role in the movie as Anna.

In the interview, we get to hear how she got involved in the movie taking on a western which is as far removed from the traditional genre as possible. Theron discusses working with MacFarlane and how he was probably a little nervous as it was the first time he’d appeared in a live action movie. She also talks about how ‘natural’ it is for MacFarlane to take on the role as Director, Writer, Producer and staring in the movie.

Finally she talks about working with co-star Liam Neeson and how funny he is, a side which people don’t know so much about him and how she loves to do these darker comedies.

A Million Ways to Die in the West is in UK cinemas today.