Pete Travis made one of finest, and sadly underrated, scif-fi films of recent years with Dredd. The stripped down dystopia was perfectly pitched to the character’s ultra violent core and, in a world of a thousand unwanted franchises, it is a true crime that there’s been no talk of a sequel. But we’re back to the world of the present, and we’re happy that Travis’ latest film, City of Tiny Lights, has its first trailer.

The film played to solid reviews on the festival circuit, you can read our review here. The film stars Riz Ahmed and Billie Piper, stars of two seminal sci-fi franchises each, and is a rain soaked sharp London noir. Ahmed spoke to TheWrap before the film’s world premiere out in Toronto, and discussed a little more about the film and how it tells its story,

“This film taps into the contemporary culture of London. it draws on classic styles of storytelling and morality-telling while still being the classic film noir … It’s a unique film, with a mixture of tone, and the world that it shows is one that we don’t see a lot.

City of Tiny Lights Riz Ahmed movie image

City of Tiny Lights Billie Piper

The actor continued,

“I think this idea of being haunted by ghosts from the past is very central to the film.

“It’s a movie about hurt, but also hope, and how we can move past it and forgive and trust ourselves again.”

City of Lights is released in UK cinemas on the 7th of April. Here’s the trailer.

City of Tiny Lights Movie Trailer

City of Tiny Lights Movie Synopsis

Meet Tommy Akhtar (Riz Ahmed), cricket fan, devoted son to an ailing father and deadbeat private eye. He’s got an office above a suburban cab firm, a taste for cigarettes and bourbon, and a finely tuned moral compass that he keeps hidden behind a sharp cynicism.

When Tommy walks into his office one morning to find high-class prostitute Melody seeking his help, he’s launched into a story that plays as an utterly original modern noir.