Horrible BossesHorrible Bosses proved unexpectedly divisive on its release. It is a fun but relatively innocuous film and so it is difficult to see why it would get people exercised one way or the other. But there you go. Moderate financial success (0m+ worldwide) breeds sequels, so Horrible Bosses 2 is go, with the same put-upon trio (Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day & Jason Bateman) returning for more revenge-seeking.

It seems that this time, a father-son duo will steal the protagonists’ invention and Variety are reporting the usual “sources” that say that Chris Pine has signed on. One would presume that this means he will play the son of the said axis of evil, but we will have to wait for more casting news to be sure. Although Pine played scuzzy and unpleasant in Smoking Aces, he has tended since then to err more on the side of clean cut and/or heroic, so it will be good to see him tapping into his inner-nasty.

Horrible Bosses was a solid piece of amusing entertainment and there seems to be no reason why a decent and diverting sequel can’t be squeezed out of the formula. Sean Anders, who directed That’s My Boy and Sex Drive and has written Hot Tub Time Machine, We’re The Millers and the up coming Dumb & Dumber sequel, will direct the sequel. As always, more news as we get it.

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