Chris Hemsworth could be putting down his Mjölnir and teaming up with Jeff Bridges to star in Drew Goddard’s Bad Times at the El Royale as both actors are currently in talks to star in the new project.

The 20th Century Fox picture will see Goddard take full control not only at the helm, but has written the script and will also produce the thriller.

The details and plot of the thriller are all a little sketchy at the moment but what we do know is that the story is set in the 1960s at a run-down hotel near California’s Lake Tahoe named the El Royale and centres on a cast of characters whose own shady agendas will violently collide.

Who the pair will play is a complete guess at this moment in time, but Goddard is due to start filming the thriller in January 2018.

Bad Times at the El Royale

If Hemsworth agrees to star he will be reuniting with Goddard who co-wrote and directed Cabin in the Woods in which Hemsworth plays one of a group of friends who took a little holiday to a remote forest only to be meet with fiendish zombies out to kill the group of youngsters.

Hemsworth has since gone on to make a bit of a name for himself in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Thor and will be next seen in the role in Thor: Ragnarok on October 27th. Bridges starred in the fantastic Hell or High Water as Marcus Hamilton in 2016 and can next be seen on the big screen in Kingsman follow up, Kingsman: The Golden Circle in less than a month on September 20th.