When it was announced that another adaptation of Steven King’s Carrie was on the cards the key question was who would take on the lead role in the film and today we have the answer.

Chloe Moretz has been offered the role of Carrie White, brought to eerie life by Sissy Spacek in Brian DePalma’s 1976 film, and director Kim Pierce has clearly seen something special in the actress as this is no ordinary high school horror.

Deadline reported that negotiations were open and Moretz took to twitter once the news broke,

Never been so happy in my life! Thank you Kim Pierce and thank u MGM for the chance of a lifetime i will never forget!

The actress is no stranger to the genre with Let Me In, The Amityville Horror in her filmography and Dark Shadows with Tim Burton looming on the horizon. Carrie makes yet another horror remake, one which will no doubt see a cosmetic update masking a sadly familiar problem. Bullying in schools has become a political and social flashpoint and the thirty five years since DePalma’s adaptation is fair distance for many new elements to come into play.

Next on the list is surely the casting of the Carrie’s mother and finding someone to match the tyranical insanity of Piper Laurie will be no easy task.

I wonder if they’ll have the same ending. In 3D?