It’s never been a better time to be a movie fan. There are a plethora of streaming services beaming untold amounts of cinematic delights into your home. It’s a fervent spell to weave around the armchair cinephiles, and today there is a new contender seeking to offer the very best movies and TV series on demand.

CHILI has now launched in the UK, having scooped 1.6 million users since its beginnings in Italy in 2012. As with many services CHILI is available on most Smart TVs, PCs, tablets and smartphones (though we recommend the biggest and best screen you can find), however unlike other companies there are no monthly charges. You are free to pick and choose only what you want to watch. It’s like having the most well-stocked video store plugged into your home.

But there’s more. In a bid to become your all-round entertainment portal they are accompanying offerings from the likes of 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Paramount, Viacom and Sony Pictures with movie merchandise, local cinema information along with movie news and trailers.

It is a good thing to see a new company focusing on supplying the well known blockbusters while balancing their slate with the best in arthouse films. Cinema is a vibrant metropolis, with many thousands of delights on offer if you choose to step off the beaten path. So, with so much on offer, there’s never been a better time to take your first steps into a larger world…

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