District 9 and Elysium Director Neill Blomkamp has released the first trailer for his brand new movie, Chappie. The South African Sc-Fi Director extraordinaire blew the world away with his first movie but failed to impress quite as much with his second feature Elysium which starred Matt Damon in the lead role (even though we LOVED it!).

Chappie is set to hit cinemas 2015. Here#s the first trailer courtesy of EW along with the poster released by Sony’s Twitter account

We spoke to Blomkamp a couple of years ago about Chappie and this is all he could say but ever since then, we’ve been excited!

It’s pretty awesome. It’s a crazy sci-fi that is very different to Elysium and District 9 in that it doesnt have any social-political element to it.  It’s about sentience and about consciousness but it has hilarious stuff inside of it. It’s a very cool mixture of things. The South African band Die Antwoord are connected to the project and are pretty interesting and that’s about it for Chappie!

Chappie stars Dev Patel, Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver & Neill’s good friend Sharlto Copley who has starred in the two previously mentioned features. We can’t wait for this one, can you?

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Every child comes into the world full of promise, and none more so than Chappie: he is gifted, special, a prodigy. Like any child, Chappie will come under the influence of his surroundings – some good, some bad – and he will rely on his heart and soul to find his way in the world and become his own man. But there’s one thing that makes Chappie different from anyone else: he is a robot. The first robot with the ability to think and feel for himself. His life, his story, will change the way the world looks at robots and humans forever.

Chappie Poster