The 2012 London Olympics Games are only 9 days and 9 nine hours away (at the time this post goes up) and UK broadcasters have now started to unveil the trailers for their coverage of the games. Following the Olympics, the Paralympics kick off on 29th August and continue their run until 9th September (the countdown down for this one is 42 days and nine hours for anyone wondering) and I’m so excited about both of the Games, I just hope the weather improves a bit!

Last night, Channel 4 unveiled their trailer for the Paralympics which they’ve called ‘Meet the Superhumans’. It really is a fantastic trailer showcasing many of Team GB but rather than just looking at the athletes in training, it touches on some of the origins of how the team were injured in the first place but have overcome their disabilities to become physically and mentally stronger than they ever were before. It’s beautifully shot and I think you’ll like it.

Have a watch of the trailer embedded below. I do love their opening strap line:

Welcome to a world with no barriers, a world where possibilities are endless and potential limitless.

Channel 4 is broadcasting an unprecedented 150 hours of live coverage on multiple television channels as well as online, along with dedicated mobile and tablet apps. Multiple streams, live text commentary, sharp social media observations and much more will be available at

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