In August 2020, the world of cinema lost one of its shining stars: Chadwick Boseman. Best known for his ground-breaking performance as King T’Challa in the Marvel movie Black Panther, Boseman created a legacy for himself that future actors will find difficult to rival. As a stage and screen performer, he was simply sublime, and he was an even better human being. To many people, he was considered a deity – a god-like figure who provided a whole community with a hero to look up to.

Chadwick Boseman was taken from this earth far, far too early. If you wish to honor him in the best way possible, you should check out his extensive array of amazing films.

Here are four Boseman movies that you should watch right away:

The Express

Chadwick Boseman The ExpressChadwick Boseman’s career in film took him to heights that not many actors have managed to soar, and all of the success that he managed to attain can be accredited to his performance in The Express. This was the first movie that he appeared in, and he played the part of Floyd Little to perfection.


42, (aka FORTY-TWO), Chadwick BosemanAfter playing legendary football player Floyd Little in The Express, Boseman carried on his trend of portraying real-life historical figures in 42. In this breakthrough starring role, he took on the challenge of embodying iconic baseball player Jackie Robinson. His performance in this movie is emotive, dignified, and magnetic, which is why you should take the time to watch it.

Black Panther

As previously mentioned, Chadwick Boseman starred as King T’Challa in the Marvel movie Black Panther. This was the first blockbuster superhero film to feature a predominantly Black cast, and Boseman played the protagonist perfectly. Taking on the role with style, grace, humor, and excellence, he encapsulated everything you would expect from a strong and powerful king.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

chadwick boseman ma rainseys black bottomMa Rainey’s Black Bottom is a critically acclaimed film that is tipped to perform well in the upcoming award show season. As good as this movie is, however, it is still tinged with a deep sense of sadness and loss. This is Boseman’s final film appearance, making it the last somber chapter in his astonishing life story.

The late, great actor might not be here to witness the success of Black Bottom, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be in everybody’s thoughts come Monday, April 26. This is when the 93rd Academy Awards are due to be held, and Boseman is being tipped to win the Best Actor Award. According to recent Oscar odds, he is said to be the odds on favorite to be posthumously awarded this prestigious prize. If he is to win, it would be a fitting way to honor the man that touched so many hearts and changed so many lives for the better.

Over the past decade, only a few other actors have come close to rivalling Chadwick Boseman’s on-screen performances. If you want to pay tribute to Boseman and his amazing acting legacy, be sure to check out his impressive filmography. From The Express right the way through to Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, you won’t be disappointed.