To celebrate the debut of Censor, the new horror/thriller/drama which premiered at this weekend’s Sundance Film Festival, we sat with the film’s star and director to delve deep into a time not to long ago.

Telling the story of a film censor named Enid (Niamh Algar) in the early 1980s at the height of the video nasties controversy. Her job begins to blur with the fictional reality of the film’s she watches as she continues to search for answers as to the whereabouts of her sister, who has been missing for decades. 

Mixing her fascination about the moral panic of the legendary horror films as well as a touching story of loss, grief and acceptance, we chatted to co-writer and director Prano Bailey-Bond and star Algar about the dark subject matter, the power of hope and the madness that ensued four decades ago.

You can watch the full interviews below:

Censor debuted as part of the Sundance Film Festival 2021 and will be released later this year.