Having conquered the big screen (a few times over) it looks like director Jim Cameron is turning his talents to TV again.

Deadline are reporting that the Titanic auteur (having previously co-created and executive produced Fox’s sci-fi drama Dark Angel) will be adapting a film from his own back catalogue this time around.

1994’s action comedy True Lies (itself a remake of a 1991 French film) will be shopped around the various TV networks in the US as a possible TV show.

It’s unclear yet as to how close this small screen venture will adhere to the original film’s plot, which starred Cameron regular Arnold Schwarzenegger as a spy who keeps his espionage escapades a secret from his family.

Although it may seem a tad unadventurous for Cameron to go back this material, given the fact that the original version is now 16 years old and films like the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie vehicle Mr. and Mrs. Smith have tread a similar path, he obviously see’s potential here for yet another huge Cameron money-spinner.

We’ll bring you more on this as it develops.