ByzantiumMixing the period and contemporary settings like his Interview with the Vampire (but with seemingly more time devoted this time around to the present day), Neil Jordan is back in the vampire sub-genre with Byzantium, a tale of a mother (Gemma Arterton) and her daughter (Saoirse Ronan) trying to get by, feed and not get their heads cut off by the authorities.

This trailer seems like an interesting blend of more gothic-toned historical sections with a more immediate, realistic tone for the present-day sequences and of course vampires (along with most other horror staples) are pretty popular at the moment. There is something interesting going on with release dates, as although May 2013 will see Byzantium on UK screens, no US distribution deal seems to have been struck. Whether it being set in the UK is felt by US distributors to mitigate against its chances of success over there is anyone’s guess (though that particular dimension did Harry Potter no harm).

For the time being, enjoy this trailer. It was on Collider, then it was pulled, but you can still enjoy it via Youtube.

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