Before you write this one off as either being a joke or too crazy to pay any attention to you, please click play on the trailer below. The movie looks completely hilarious and charts the journey of a species that has plagued Australia so much so that a movie has been made out of them! That movie is Cane Toads: 3D – The Conquest. If you have some sort of phobia of frogs or toads, then you probably do want to click away now but if the slimy little blighters don’t get under your skin, have a watch of the trailer below.

In cinemas September 30, Cane Toads explores one of Australia’s greatest environmental catastrophes; the unstoppable march of the cane toad across the Australian continent. Despised by many, venerated by some, the toad has occupied a nation’s consciousness achieving both cult and criminal status. Despite its international origin the cane toad has become uniquely Australian – yet, for a world wrestling with the idea that we have irretrievably altered our own ecosystem, its story holds universal relevance.

Cane Toads: 3D – The Conquest is directed by Mark Lewis and will be with us in the UK 30th September.

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