Scott Walker’s directorial debut will be worked from his own script for The Frozen Ground, the true story of a seemingly respectable family man, Robert Hansen, who turns out to be a serial killer. Over the course of more than a decade, Hansen kidnapped, then hunted and killed more than two dozen women in the hostile wilds of Alaska.

John Cusack will play Hansen, in what seems like a beautiful piece of casting. Nicolas Cage will be the State Trooper who finds Hudgens, who is one of the few of the intended victims who has managed to escape. Perhaps inevitably, Hudgens’ character struggles to make people believe her seemingly improbable story. Curtis “Fiddy Cent” Jackson is on board as an executive producer and has also been cast in a role as a 1980’s-era pimp.

I’m inclined to say that I’d watch Cusack in pretty much anything, so the idea of seeing him as a menacing, presumably psychopathic serial killer fills me with anticipation. One to keep an eye on.

Sources: Deadline and Anchorage Daily News.